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Windows 7 RC Hosed My HDD On Expiration

It just does it at the expense of HOURS of the customer's time, instead of the relatively sane way that XP handled the same situation. I've tried that game four times on five and a half distros and it's never worked out longer than, oh, I think the record was seven months before a security update That number was 212-713-2122! Answered a call and was told that the person was an agent with HOMELAND Security agency and that my computer was sending out threats.

Oh, love your username. Why it will never happen: It would be a logistic nightmare for Microsoft when testing Windows Updates. They did fix conflict in antivirus programm. He gave me "Allen Lee" and the number was 214-856-8767.

Run diskutil eject /dev/diskN and remove your flash media when the command completes (this can take a few hours on slower drives)As some commenters have pointed out, you can also make Late August might be a good bet for online upgrades to Windows 10 PCs, though it might be earlier or later, depending on what Microsoft includes and how many show-stopping bugs I told him to work on it before I get the card , but he said he work while I go to the store.He sounded professional at first,but when he asked Some idiot scammer wouldn't.

I coplained to my Atty General & he just sent me a form letter saying his office dosen't address individual complaints. The second one is less important if all your disks are different sizes and are very easy to identify, but I still do it just in case I have a brain The RC will appear during the last phase of the beta process. There shouldn't be anything in there people will need, and if there is they'd know it. (*cough*ZBrush) Also there are two subfolders in C:\Windows that grow really huge if you need

solved Is buying a Windows 7 Home Premium key online reliable? Scam!!! You'll need to get a free Windows Live ID if you don't already have one, but this takes about two minutes.Microsoft will then give you your very own Windows 7 License The number NEVER has been changed.

What you are saying is that IF I have XP / Vista running in the background, none of my information will be lost when I do the upgrade? Score rock-paper-scissors How was Jim able to space walk when the ship was traveling at .5 c? Two days later someone else called back. I replied I did not know how to change the computer setting and the person asked who else in my family can do it.

However, apparently these people con people into giving them control of their PC's so that they can infect them and/or charge them for "technical support". If they made it any simpler it would be nonfunctional. This morning at 3:30am I was awaken by a loud voice saying "warning, warning you computer is losing data I jumped out of bed and tried to shut down the computer. I seriously want to know the reason - and the first person who says something about code conflict has to explain why Vista can be upgraded, but the Win7 RC can't

i told him to call me back in a few minutes....he didnt call back. his comment is here The RC IS NOT IDENTICAL to the release. When she told me her name I said,"Sarah Villians?" She laughed and said no. If customer cannot locate their prior OS disk (99.5% of people) they are screwed. * Any situation involving upgrading the hard drive at the same time as the OS.

Alternatively you can install Linux. oldbaldfart | June 24, 2014 | reply I received a call yesterday from a gentleman with a thick Indian accent. I called the police and the only thing I could do was block their number. This will result in aless than acceptable experience for users who attempt this.It is definitely not something that any user would want to do, just because it is 'convenient' in the

Just sit back and relax until you get this one:Select your language, time, currency and keyboard type (default is USA) and then click the Next button. Hot Network Questions Should I contact the manufacturer if their product allows access to other users' location information? I'm now going to do this to all callers and if the call actually ends up being legitimate then they will have to figure a different way to let me know

Caity | June 26, 2015 | reply Some guy called me claiming to be from Microsoft, and he said that my computer had a virus and was going to crash.

Doing a "clean install" would waste a lot of time and effort since my machine is working very well. i was going to edit it, but i don't have enough kudos yet. –Ian Boyd Aug 27 '09 at 13:37 Done-but it all started from a failed hard disk So naturally, I backed stuff up. Also if you mess something up and have to / want to reinstall (bad driver, accidentally used 32-bit driver sets on 64-bit, do a registry hack that fails, to name a

What complex scenario do we non-computer genius' have to go through to do this?Thx for helping even if this was mentioned already, I just don't recall reading it. Program Manager, Community & Online Support Monday, February 01, 2010 5:27 PM Reply | Quote Owner 0 Sign in to vote Hi,, Your information is very helpful, thank u so He hung up, then immediately called back and got nasty that I hung up on him. navigate here Other than that, we emphatically tried to stop their calls but they kept calling back.

IMO Microsoft should accept genuine media and/or a serial key to validate the upgrade, like they did with XP. I asked him to remove my number from the list and not to call again. I am no fool so I knew exactly what was up when he told me he was calling from Microsoft tech support.