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Drives Monitor Gadget


If you can still show the Drive-Temperature at Drives Meter, than this utility means real perfect. Version 3.0 - Added size adjustable. Lots of system information at a glance. What is disk drive Capacity? navigate here

Always you make a great work! Very improve code. Terry Horton21-Oct-20124:05 pm addgadgetsI use the earthquake gadget and cpu gadget and drive gadget they are all awesome and very effective. What is Firmware Revision?

Drives Monitor Gadget

Version 1.0 - Release. With the menu options you can open the Settings box, observe installed hard drives and removable media information or exit the program. TRANSLATE SEARCH FOR MORE GADGETS USING GOOGLE Drives Monitor Drives Monitor is free hard drive monitoring tool to monitor hard drive and to display the overall disk drive Fixed working with logical disks under Windows 10.

The tracks are the thin concentric circular strips of sectors. Version 7.5 - Click on drive's letter (number) opened flyout. You can visualize the disk activity in percentages, but also monitor the real-time transfer evolution using the built-in graphs. Network Meter Gadget When you double-click on the gadget, it will show Windows Explorer.

Special features You can safely remove your USB drives from gadget. Drive Info Gadget Version 9.2 - Now working under Windows 8 Release Preview. Clicking on the drive letter allows opens a flyout window where you can view detailed information about the physical drive model, capacity, type, the number of partitions, cylinders, sectors and more. A sector is the smallest storage unit that is addressable by a hard drive, and all information stored by the hard drive is recorded in sectors.

Version 13.3 - Fixed wrong flyout output. Cpu Meter Windows 7 Version 11.3 - Fixed bugs in settings. The gadget offers easy access to disk contents, as you can open a drive in Windows Explorer by simply clicking on the background. All rights reserved.

Drive Info Gadget

More gadgets Tools Tips F.A.Q. Brian18-May-20138:33 am Cool with a low loadI'm using the gadgets for a good time, more then a year. Drives Monitor Gadget Cynyster18-Jun-20139:18 am What would make this gadget better for me.Let me say from the outset that I think all your gadgets are top of the line. Gadget Disk Version 9.4 - Added Spanish translation by Diego Manuel Vazquez.

It shows the accurate speed at which the data transfer takes place in terms of bytes per second. check over here Version 9.5 - Added German translation by Jonas Bauer. Physical drive number of the given drive. Version 11.8 - Added Czech translation by Jiří Škorpil. Control System Gadget

Jackson M19-Jun-20124:01 am Powerful GadgetsAnyway, keep up the great work! Very useful & informativeI like this gadget among the several (7) of them I have! Version 8.3 - Improve procedures. his comment is here It is calculated by multiplying the total number of cylinders, tracks in each cylinder, sectors in each track, and bytes in each sector.

These are all VERY useful. Windows 7 Gadgets Download Hide: You have options to hide anything like full disk info, graphics, read/write counters, title, etc. Sandra P.12-Oct-201211:05 pm Great gadgets!

Restore Settings: This section allows you to restore all your previous settings.

Click on Disk Queue Length string for show details about it. Version 10.3 - Added Catalonian translation by Jordi Bartrina. works like a champ here!! Gpu Meter Please enter a valid email address.

Version 4.3 - Click on gadget - opens appropriate disk in Explorer. Continue Reading Up Next Up Next Article Network Meter Gadget: A Full Review Up Next Article All CPU Meter Gadget: A Full Review Up Next Article A Full Review of ASTRA32, In addition, its interface is fully customizable, enabling you to modify the graph drawing style, change the gadget size, opacity and the color of each element to match your desktop theme. weblink Laki20-Aug-201210:32 pm Nice work againI really enjoy your gadgets and this one is really useful, unlike many of drive meter gadget yours displays activity and of course keep your particular design

Type of media used or accessed by this device. (The values are: External hard disk media, Removable media other than floppy, Fixed hard disk media, Format is unknown) What is Interface Version 4.4 - New setting added. Disk Activity Indicator can be useful if your PC doesn't have a HDD led (laptop/ultrabook) or if you connected to remote PC using RDP or VNC/RFB applications. Version 11.0 - Shows disks temperatures. (You must run CrystalDiskInfo on the background.) Version 10.8 - Fixed Indonesian translation by elda taluta.

Version 10.7 - Added Italian translation by Carlo Adami. Version 4.8 - Fixed bugs. Improve main timer algorithm. Version 13.1 - Cosmetic changes in Japanese translation.

Version 11.5 - Added Polish translation by Andrzej Mazurkiewicz. Improve code. Version 5.6 - Added read/write counters. Version 11.2 - Fixed health status icon.

The read and the write speed (in bytes per second) are also displayed, together with the total read and written data for the current session. Version 7.2 - Optimize code. Improve settings usability. Version 6.0 - Added determine disk information for mounted drives.