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Windows 10 Hardware Change


What are they going to say, "NO YOURE A LIAR." Even in their legal terms it says it can't be put onto a new mobo unless that one dies and is That shows an appalling lack of transparency, not to mention a lack of respect for customers. You may not transfer the software to share licenses between devices.(...)

August 20, 2015 Rick P. per thier instructions on an MS chat session. have a peek here

If you create and add an ei.cfg file, you can change the install media from OEM(default) to retail or even Volume Licensed. Do you have the keys at hand? I ALWAYS partition a HDD and put just the Operating system and Programs in that partition (C-drive) then the 2nd partition is for all MY files (D-drive). You're still allowed to use Windows 10 on that same PC even after changing its hardware. Activating that license is easier than ever in Windows 10's Anniversary Update.

Windows 10 Hardware Change

Now we just need to figure out what the activation license is tied to. windows 7 oem on new motherboard solved Reinstall OEM Win7 with new Mobo solved New Motherboard, Cant fresh re-install windows 7 64 bit. I not tested it yet, but I read on some articles that if you need to make a clean install on the same computer, the product key should be omitted.

August Also browse through your main hard drive (typically the C drive) to see if you’ve saved any personal files or documents in unusual places.

  1. Not saying I need 10 tries to get the hang of it.
  2. And here's the kicker: Those results show only OEM System Builder copies.
  3. Why didn't you just load in 8.1, let it update without being too careful, download 10 and then force an upgrade.
  4. I'm done with this.
  5. Reply to headlesszombie headlesszombieMay 11, 2012, 12:12 PM so the best way to do this is to completely reformat my hard drive ?What about all my games like BF3 & SC2
  6. I had to beg MS to activate it, and they were quite reluctant to do so without me being able to prove I bought the machine (which was self-built, so....).
  7. IF Microsoft asks, I had to replace my mobo as it died.
  8. You can download Windows 7, 8.1, and 10 directly from Microsoft and and follow the directions to create the disc or flash drive.
  9. And what is the best/quickest way to completely wipe a HDD ?
  10. You’re done with the hard part.

You'd follow the same procedure if you wanted to "move your license" as you would follow to "change your motherboard" Microsoft to get your license details straightened out. Because the free version of Windows 10 is linked to your computer, changing a specific hardware could be troublesome, because there’s isn’t a product key to get around the problem. When I purchased my first SSD around 8 months ago I had no clue and just plugged it in. How To Upgrade Motherboard And Cpu Without Reinstalling Windows Reply to pdxalex headlesszombieMay 11, 2012, 12:53 PM pdxalex said: I didn't watch the whole video, but based on the intro the clip deals with migrating data from a HDD to

Frankly I don't see why they would want to do this, all it does is irritate power users and we do have influence with regular users. Transfer Windows 10 License To New Computer This wasn't widely abused by pirates because VLKs were easier, but towards the later days of XP, it grew in popularity because it was easy to abuse, and hard for MS LOL LOL ................

August 20, 2015 Chis, love your articles and thought are a true nerd/geek at heart, just like me and most everyone else here...;) But...there's no difference between Thanks, 0 6 months ago Reply BorbaR67 Thank you for the response.

I would assume a new drive won't constitute a major disaster since sometime folks do hard drive upgrades to improve the device. How Many Computers Can I Install Windows 10 On With One Key Thus, in the same example, I am installing to the same partition number, but it is also drive H: [NOT C:] and when the installation is done, it will come up No higher-end systems necessitated. Still, it might help if you signed into the same Microsoft account after installing Windows 10 on a system with new hardware attached.

Transfer Windows 10 License To New Computer

You just can’t move that free Windows 10 license to another PC.(...) In "MICROSOFT SOFTWARE LICENSE TERMS" from promotional Windows 10 say if you acquired the software as stand-alone software (and So trying to install on another pc is theft. Windows 10 Hardware Change ERROR The requested URL could not be retrieved The following error was encountered while trying to retrieve the URL: Connection to failed. Windows Is Activated With A Digital License Linked To Your Microsoft Account I don't want to use the pre-installed Win 8 on the original hard drive because I believe it's compromised.If it sounds like I'm at my wit's end it's because I am.

The machine still works, just requires a new motherboard. navigate here They had me roll in win 7 x64 from media and in place upgrade to win 10 from media as I did before and they gave me an activation link that If you don't, you can enter your key (or a temporary key, which are sometimes posted on the internet) to get past this step. oh that's all easy for me not a big deal. Windows 10 New Motherboard

Windows 7 has "things" it has during install to a SSD that you would not have from a HDD install.I'll stop here, I could go on and on. Activate Windows 10 free license after changing computer hardware Microsoft doesn’t give much information about this because the company wants to keep pirates in the dark as much as possible. This is a major mistake that they're going to regret. Check This Out And yet if I stay with 8.1 I can change motherboards as often as I like.

In practise, the only real holdover was the motherboard. Windows 10 Digital License It's more of what to do with my games/important files ^.^ Reply to headlesszombie pdxalexMay 11, 2012, 1:18 PM AHCI refers to the Advanced Host Controller Interface. As for me?

I do.

Windows Vista and 7 both had an ei.cfg by default, and removing it caused the install to ask what edition to install. Now, according to Gabriel Aul, Vice President of Engineering for the Windows & Devices group at Microsoft, users who are facing this problem can simply contact support from within Windows 10 I've run RWEverthing on my system and sure enough, found my OEM Win8 license key embedded in...something (at least I thought it was my BIOS). How To Transfer Windows 10 To Another Computer Microsoft has never actually wanted to explain exactly how the hardware-based Windows activation process works.

When you publish information on your website, and when you create glossy handouts that you distribute to your partners for years, those represent your policy. The limit on how many times you can reactivate is a scary troubleshoot limit that will put many of to try it. The Macbook failed and was replaced yesterday. this contact form With SLIC 3.0, it can force a particular edition of Windows, so this info can be handy if you're installing 8 Pro onto a machine that came from the OEM with

You Can't Move a Free Windows 10 License to Another PC RELATED ARTICLEWhat's the Difference Between the "System Builder" and "Full Version" Editions of Windows? Why not just do that?Quote:I cannot get the 8.1 disk en_windows_8.1_with_update_x64_dvd_4065090.iso to accept the product key I got from Magical Jerrybean on the factory install C: drive to pass [but my I would try finding your keys and writing them down beforehand.Once you install windows on the SSD, do not boot windows from your HDD. oembios.bin was a somewhat obfuscated and MS-signed file describing memory locations and copyrighted/trademarked data to look for at those locations.

I'll only have the bios available, correct? 1 6 months ago Reply Andrewdavies Same scenario as me roughly,I didnt upgrade my hard drive-I had done that a while ago,so I used The new feature allows you to access the Activation Troubleshooter quickly to re-activate your free upgrade copy of Windows 10. If you answer "zero" or "none", it'll usually just give you code - UNLESS it's been activated on like 10 or more different computer configurations and then they'll tell you that Each choice of partition shows not only the same partition by number, but also the drive letter in the context of the booted system.

Sorry if I'm prolonging a thread that should have been retired, but I didn't have anywhere else turn. The Licensing for Hobbyists page, written for Microsoft partners and not for consumers, includes this Q&A, which was written more than a year ago: Q. To shrink partition (Volume) just googe it. Login or register to post comments dfey on Jun 21, 2015 Because others may well know more than myself I'll just say this is throwing a wrench into the back and

Welcome to Ars Technica!Hear, hear!Welcome, Forge64! Since the ei.cfg file is not present, this seems to defy all of the conclusions here.Also, this particular disk [which seems to be the proper one; anyone familiar with it?] apparently I'd prefer to download that and do a clean install of 10 versus the upgrade from SP1. Depending on your boot media type, re-build the .iso with a program like ISO Creator and either extract & burn it onto a DVD or use a program like Universal-USB-Installer to

Talked to a person at Microsoft and they were grilling me "DID YOU CLEAN INSTALL??" Um, yeah, I'm not going to install ancient Win8...then they wiggle out of it by saying Clean installs for hardware changes If something major happens to the device that requires something as monumental such as a motherboard change (basically turning it into a new computer), Windows 10 If you want to see other devices linked to your account, you can click the "See other devices linked to your Microsoft account" link. Here’s everything you need to know, step-by-step.

AFAIK they cant or wont activate significant new HDWE over the phone on an OEM or upgrade licence like they used to ,at least that's what they told me and moreover Login or register to post comments CallMeSteven on Jun 19, 2015 I don't think a 'license' will exist as such any more.