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As for the Democrats, he lucked into a race against a politician he would portray as a 30-year symbol of a Beltway-insider consensus, one he said had left Middle America behind So as Washington goes into reverse gear on climate policy, seas will keep rising and heat waves will get worse. A state-by-state look at where Generation Y stands on the big issues. The officials expected to take part in that session include Director of National Intelligence James R.

Inside 'Trump Revealed' Read stories based on reporting for “Trump Revealed,” a broad, comprehensive biography of the life of the president-elect. by that): Check carefully, so any mistakes will be caught. 19. In the same way; likewise: You were on time, and so was I.5. And news organizations should say so.

pron. 21. Those remarks on Thursday came just hours after President Obama announced retaliation against Russia that included the removal of 35 Russian government officials and other sanctions against state agencies and individuals Now all we can do is wait to see how much this failure of vision will cost the public we supposedly serve. More about badges | Request a badge World Watcher Badge World Watchers consistently offer thought-provoking, timely comments on international affairs.

The Republicans were tools of job-exporting fat cats who only pretended to be tough on immigration and trade in order to win votes, when all they really cared about were profits. Buy the mug The Urban Dictionary Mug Your favorite word on a white mug. Create a mug The Urban Dictionary Mug One side has the word, one side has the definition. New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet has come closer to getting this right, pointing out that we must label Trump’s lies as such because he has shown a willingness to

George W. Usually repeated by another person. 3. In these cases, was Trump lying? The gender-neutral way to refer to someone's boy/girlfriend.

for that reason accordingly consequently hence in consequence so then therefore thereupon thus thusly hence adv. U.S. That's as opposed to what the voters intended, which was to sock us all so hard for our snobbism and intellectual myopia that those very chins of ours would get driven Means "significant other".

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Luntz's purpose was to take the white-hot rage and disgust hurled at him by voters on both sides of the aisle during the "focus group" portion, and translate it all into Sign in here You must be logged in to recommend a comment. he exclaimed, and so saying walked out → zum Kuckuck! The Democratic Party's failure to keep Donald Trump out of the White House in 2016 will go down as one of the all-time examples of insular arrogance.

After all, the country had already twice voted in an African-American Democrat to the White House.Yes, Trump's win was a triumph of the hideous racism, sexism and xenophobia that has always Adjust it higher to choose from words that are more complex. - + Length Length ranks your synonyms based on character count. - + lists blocks Common Common words appear frequently conj (subordinating; often foll by that) 15. Willie Nelson Reveals New Trump-Inspired Song 'Delete...

If so, put your pen down.You often use so after a reporting verb such as think or expect, especially when you are replying to what someone has said. They fed on the widespread visceral disdain red-staters felt toward the very people Hillary Clinton's campaign enlisted all year to speak on its behalf: Hollywood actors, big-ticket musicians, Beltway activists, academics, Buy the mug The Urban Dictionary Mug Your favorite word on a white mug. For example, if someone says 'Is Alice at home?', you can say 'I think so', meaning 'I think Alice is at home'.'Are you all right?' – 'I think so.''Will he be

seller's option2. For that reason; therefore: This is the easiest way to get there, so don't argue.2. Sign in here Comments our editors find particularly useful or relevant are displayed in Top Comments, as are comments by users with these badges: .

Pyramid enthusiast and stabbing expert Ben Carson is already being mentioned as a possible Health and Human Services chief.

Music Variant of (səʊ) adv1. (foll by an adjective or adverb and a correlative clause often introduced by that) to such an extent: the river is so dirty that it Man 2: So? 2. Informal Used as an intensive, especially with verbs or verb phrases: They want to move in with us, but that is so not going to happen.7. Man: But it's raining outside!

For example, instead of saying 'The car was so old that we decided to sell it', you can say 'It was such an old car that we decided to sell it'.The Buy the t-shirt 1 2 3 4 5 … Next › Last » Alphabetical List SO S/O So1 so13 SO19 SO2 so 2016 SO23 So 28 so4bro so4mo SO4S so4smo so It is the nature of Trump’s dishonesty — the volume, ostentatiousness, nonchalance, and imperviousness to correction at the hands of factual reality — that became the issue. (See The Post fact-checking We may use your e-mail address to send you the newsletter and offers that may interest you, on behalf of Rolling Stone and its partners.

Sports shootout3. He sat at the front so as to be able to hear. See all newsletters politics post-politics Orlando Shooting Updates News and analysis on the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. But given the authoritarian tendencies we’ve already seen from Trump, it seems like we should at least be on guard for this possibility.

Comey and the head of the National Security Agency, Adm. ook dettak, owszem په واقعيت كښې de facto într-adevăr в самом деле; именно naozaj seveda i [ja] det ... โดยแน่แท้ gerçekten, hakikaten, tabii 確實 теж, також اتفاق یا رضامندی ظاہر کرنے Buy the mug The Urban Dictionary Mug Your favorite word on a white mug.